Concord Bank

Business-oriented bank rebranding: development of strategy and corporate identity


Concord Bank was founded in the city of Dnipro in 2006 to serve partners and shareholders of the bank. Initially, the bank was not aimed at attracting third-party customers, so it did not have any customer strategy, did not develop a network of branches and did not form competitive banking products


In the end of 2015, Concord was headed by a new team of top managers. The following task has been assigned to the team: turn the closed and little-known bank into a competitive player on the market of business-oriented banking services. A corporate strategy was developed, where the brand update was defined as one of the top priorities


We spent a lot of time exploring uneasy relations between banks and Ukrainian businessmen. It turned out that for a businessman visiting a bank often means wasted time and frustration. Banks do not talk to a businessman in a language he understands but offers a lot of red tapes instead of a quick solution of the issues. We proposed Concord to build its business processes and service model based on the problems of entrepreneurs. Lack of bureaucracy and communication with business people in their own language became the basis for a new positioning of the bank. A process of the comprehensive rebranding of the bank has been launched.


Project Management: Alexander Solonko
Strategy: Gleb Petrov
Art Direction: Vladimir Strashkov
Design: Maria Kotemako