In Time

Rebranding of logistic company: development of brand strategy, logo and corporate identity, communication and SMM


“In Time” is one of the first logistics companies in Ukraine (founded in 2002), the leader of the delivery market in the 2000's. It was “In Time” that was the first one to introduce most of the modern services related to delivery, but over the 13 years of its existence, it lost its initiative and growth rate.


In 2015, after analyzing the 13-year history of the brand, it became clear to shareholders that the company should be refreshed. Our mission was to turn routine, boring and faceless delivery service into a modern, open and humane logistics brand.


We developed a strategy based on a simple and clear idea of brand’s cares about the customers and employees. The agency created the image of a modern, open and reliable courier delivery services company

New visual identity system is easy to use and easy to scale. The rules of its use are described in detail in a brand book, which contains more than 120 elements of the brand identity

Even before the launch of the rebranding (just due to internal changes in the company) we have achieved remarkable results. The financial indicators planned for the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2016 were exceeded by 15%. It was developed and implemented a staff motivation and development system. It is planned to open 75 departments of the new format by the end of 2016.

  • 1K trained
  • 75 offices of new format
    until the end of 2016
  • 115 % Financial plan
    percent complete

Strategy & Project Management: Alexander Solonko, Gleb Petrov

Art Direction & Styling: Vladimir Strashkov

Design: Maria Kotemako, Vic Vatamanyuk, Olga Zhavoronkova