Advertising campaign "Wasted Youth": creative, communication

We had to wrest ourselves out of the comfort zone, abandoning the fashionable film crew, artificial light, voiceover and bounce into the very core of Kiev's underground party with VHS-cameras. As a result, the heroes of the video became Kiev party animals who really are lit

CASTA communicates with the audience without distracting from the main thing - real emotions. This principle formed the basis of the campaign.

Director of Marketing of Luxoptica Dinara Kurdyumova notes that it was easy to venture upon a daring movie. She says: "There was a moral certainty in the success and we intuitively felt that this would result in a cool brand. We were also inspired by the enthusiasm of the Madcats team and we specifically entered the territory where much seemed "not within the framework”. It turned out that this is interesting and close to many people, especially to the young and brave guys, who the most receptive occurred".


Management: Alexander Solonko, Gleb Petrov
Concept: Gleb Petrov, Emil Gorodetsky
Art Direction: Vik Vatamaniuk, Vladimir Strashkov
Motion design: Emil Gorodetsky
Video: Andrei Boiko
Thanks to everyone who got in frame