In Time

TV campaign: Change starts within yourself

In 2015 In Time launched a rebranding process, which affected literally all the aspects of company’s business. The task of the TV campaign was to tell about the changes

We decided not to talk about In Time’s services and benefits but firtsly to expose the company's core – its people. The protagonist of the video is a simple guy who tries more than others to change his life

Success is not just a simple stroke of luck but the consequence of a long and difficult work on yourself. Any achievement that has changed the world happened because someone managed to overcome the difficulties and change himself

Copywriting: Tanya Avramenko, Anton Solonko, Vlad Volochai

Project Manager: Arkady Pasechnik

VFX: Emil Gorodetsky

Creative director: Gleb Petrov

CEO: Alexander Solonko


Operator: Denis Lushchyk

Style: Timan

Second director: Tonya Borisyuk

Producer: Marina Petrenko

Director: Sasha Stekolenko

Music: Propeller