Advertising campaign: Мені і так нормально

More than half of Ukrainians need correction of the eye-sight, but they do not solve this problem.

Luxoptica asked us to help these people: make sure they check their eyesight. The study identified the problem - the person continues to create inconvenience and torment, rather than deal with it. We started to realise the reason for indifference to their health.

If you count the total eye-sight in Madcats, it will be around -100500, so the focus group was led by the bespectacled co-workers with considerable experience and extensive expertise in a “short-sight”. Consilium decided that the vision drops gradually, day after day, and the person does not have time to notice the changes.

We spotted the insight familiar to anyone who sees poorly: “I know that I need to check my eyesight, but my hands cannot reach the issue. And it's ok. "

Instead of advertising Luxoptika, we overexaggerated the problem to the point of absurdity by proposing to solve it with the help of goofy gadgets.

In the Teleoko exclusive TV shop, sexy Mykola Lutsenko suggests buying “vision correction” devices for those who are okay: colorful patches for stretching the eyes “Shchurini Model X”; iCap rubber cap and practical “W12 Zoomer”. In order to buy a gadget, you need to call the hotline and go to (in fact, sign up for an eye test).

By the way, if you scroll the monitor with your nose while reading the case, but you don’t want to wear glasses, because it’s okay – go ahead and check your eyesight.

We appreciate the assistance of Violeta Vanchuk and Anna Belichenko throughout the project.

Director: Alexey Taranenko

Operator: Sergey Voronin

Producer: Yevgeny Timoshenko, Sergey Voronin

Postproduction, Flowerrekkiya: Roman Zinaenkov

Artist: Marina Traskovskaya

Director: Marek Rolyuk

Gaffer: Anush Akhtarniya

Illuminator: Alexander Gomon

Dolly Grip: Dmitry Mamtsev

1AC: Taras Skripnik

Make-up artist: Christina Frost

Dresser: Anna Demidova

Sound engineer: Vasily Gudz

Location: Lightfield


Management: Alexander Solonko, Anton Solonko
Creative director: Gleb Petrov
Art-directing: Vik Vatamaniuk
Design: Olya Kuzovkina
Copywriting: Emile Gorodetskiy, Alisa Revnova, Vlad Volochai

Mykola Lutsenko
Tatiana Vitsyna
Gennadiy Shevchuk
Alexander Bortsov