Paint manufacturer branding: naming, identity, label design

Mitka is a new spray-paint brand from Poltava. We have developed naming, brand-identity and label design. The first 150,000 spray-cans will soon appear on the shelves.

If you look at the shelf with spray-paint in a Ukrainian store, you feel sad and amused at the same time. Sad because someone made it, but amusing because someone took it and put it into production. The riot of color here goes hand in hand with strange names and tasteless typography.

In the beginning, we decided that our paint should be different.

As a child we liked to walk on fresh cement, write "Here was %username%", or draw something on the garage facade.

Insight from childhood "Leave a Trace in History" was interpreted in our own way: Mitka is a "sign" in Ukrainian and with it you can leave your spot anywhere (of course, in the aisles of Ukrainian legislation).

The logo is, in fact, a cylinder of paint. We joke that we drew a cylinder of letters without drawing a cylinder.

The shape here is responsible for making it easy to find Mitka on the shelf, and the color accent is for making it easy to choose the right color.

On the one hand, we wanted to emphasise the practicality and utility of Mitka so that the design would literally say: "I'm just a paint. I'm not talking about Impressionism or Salvador Dali. With me, you can paint the fence, fridge and hilt of your favourite katana. Nothing else, but I can do it perfectly. I'm a paint, not an android." Armed with this brief, we created an expressive identity and package design, while, fulfilling the dream of all brand managers: "Make the logo BIGGER".

Thank you for participating in the project Stanislav Gulak, Vladislav Gulak and Tatyana Gerasimenko.

Management: Alexandr Solonko, Gleb Petrov

Copywriting: Anton Solonko, Artur Redzynets

Design direction: Vik Vatamaniuk

Senior designer: Veronika Syniavska

Designer: Maria Bidochko