Real estate branding: strategy, design, communication, naming

Everything you need for a comfortable life and nothing more. This is about residential complex Utlandia and its branding. We like it when the appearance fits both the essence of the project and its spirit, when minimalism really stands behind minimalism.

With this word now you will not surprise anyone, but the task was different: the main thing was to fill the meaning with the Scandinavian approach to life. Therefore, among the ingredients turned out to be as simple, as the grass in the Royal Park of Copenhagen, grotesque, and pure blue — with a reference to the seas washing the Danish peninsula.

In the initial version of the logo, there were two dots above the first letter (smarty-pants call them umlaut). It was not bad, but it looks better without them. When the name independently copes with the task of emotions and meaning transmission, artistic delights fade to background.

Communication of the brand is based on one simple message — “live cool”. The second word reveals the whole point. Not “good,” not “comfortable,” not “calm,” but cool. This epithet set a new standard of requirements for a place called home: now all that is not cool is past the target and off-topic. In addition, it is also a call. Life is unique and not worth the exchange for the mediocre offers. The maximum must always be received.

Thanks to the client, we had the space to turn around, and besides the fonts with colors, something else came out. For example, a funny newspaper with a «yard scale» news and illustrations of cheerful neighbors in different situations. The newspapers, by the way, could be glued — both to the refrigerator and to the sweatshirt. So that even being far from a cozy home I would like to smile and ti miss it for a little bit. And then come back — where it feels cool. To Utlandia.


Management: Alexander Solonko, Gleb Petrov
Strategy: Anton Solonko, Artur Redzynets
Art-directing: Vik Vatamanyuk
Design: Veronika Syniavska, Olya Kuzovkina, Illia Kazmin
Copywriting: Serhii Vorvykhvost
VFX: Egor Priyma